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Note: The Frank Center will be closed on March 2 and April 14, 2021 for the university's scheduled instructional break days. 

Now Hiring: The Frank Center is looking for tutors for the 2021-22 academic year! Connect with your peers, build valuable leadership skills, and use your enthusiasm for polished, professional communication to help others succeed. Applicants must have completed or currently be enrolled in Business Communication and Protocol with a grade of B+ or better, work well in both individual and team settings, and be available to tutor five hours a week while classes are in session. For more information, please contact Mel Kassel ( or Joelle Petersen ( 



The Frank Center is currently accepting online appointments only. The online format is synchronous, meaning you will video-chat with the tutor in real time (you do not send your essay ahead of time). Click on your appointment, which will open up a new browser window, then click on “start or join online consultation”. Please join the online consultation at least five minutes before your scheduled appointment and read the instructions on the screen.

You can use audio and video, or simply use the chat box on the right side of the screen to communicate with your tutor - you do NOT need a webcam or microphone to make an appointment. There are instructions on the “Whiteboard” (the main part of the interface) on how to use the interface – you should copy-and-paste your writing into that space after you have read the instructions.



  • Refresh your whiteboard! At times, both you and your tutor need to refresh the whiteboard in order to see one another in the appointment. 
  • Appointments are 30 minutes; there are no back-to-back appointments this year. 
  • Writing Assignment Feedback(essays, memos): Copy and paste the text into the Whiteboard area, and you tutor will be able to give feedback.
  • Claim Statements for the BCaP Report Deck: Paste the claims into the Whiteboard.
  • PowerPoint or Google Slide Deck Feedback: Ask the tutor how they would like to receive those. Follow their instructions to send the file.
  • Group Appointments: We are able to accommodate group appointments through Zoom only. When booking, be sure to indicate it is a group appointment and include your Zoom link. 


Once you have logged in, and chosen an open appointment time, choose the type of appointment: Writing appointment, Visual design appointment, or Speaking appointment.

Who can make an appointment?

  • All students enrolled in the Tippie College of Business - undergrad and graduate
  • Pre-business students with an assignment in a Tippie course
  • Pre-business students for the Accounting Admission Essay

NUMBER of appointments allowed?

  • An individual or group can make 3 appointments of 30 minutes per week
  • 90 minutes of total appointments in a week

Cancellation Policy

  • Appointments should be cancelled at least 1 hour prior to the appointment. Too many no-show appointments could result in your account being disabled. This year, we know there are a high number of tech issues - bandwidth, wifi, etc, and ask that you notify us as soon as you can if you are experiencing troubles. 

Questions? Contact Frank Center Program Coordinator Joelle Petersen (

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